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Arnaud RENOUF PhD,
President – CEO – Co-Founder

Image analysis and AI have always been a passion

Image processing, image analysis and artificial intelligence have always been a passion for me. As a PhD student in the GREYC laboratory (CNRS laboratory in Caen, France), I discovered many technologies staying in cardboard boxes. After 2 years as a research and development manager in the industry, I co-founded Datexim with the wish to transform futurist ideas into innovative products.

One of my lab research projects was about assisting pathologists in the diagnosis of cancer related to asbestos, called mesothelioma. This is how I discovered cytology and its use cases, specifically, the screening of cervical cancer.

Many women’s lives can be saved

I was really amazed by the number of missed cases (and understood how they could be missed by humans looking in a microscope at hundreds of thousands of cells per sample, in a very limited time). I also realized how many women’s lives could be saved in the world thanks to screening campaigns with healthcare professionals, hence decreasing year after year the mortality rates.

Inspired by the late nineties research projects conducted in Normandy and the AI revolution of the last decade, Datexim created a new solution to decrease the number of missed cases while drastically reducing the time needed to screen a slide.

CytoProcessor : the first CE marked AI-based image analysis for cervical cancer

Now the first AI-based image analysis solution for cervical cancer screening is on the market thanks to the CE certification of CytoProcessor, and we go on with passion to improve our solutions. We also have the ambition to give access to diagnosis and prevention to low-resource countries thanks to a dedicated platform.

We believe in helping the healthcare community save women’s lives thanks to our accurate, reliable, and reproducible automated assistance. The time saved on normal cases will be used on diagnosing positive cases and on screening campaigns for developing countries. Always the same goal… defeating cervical cancer worldwide.

Arnaud RENOUF PhD,
President – CEO – Co-Founder


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