Solution for pathologists who help gynecologists

The First Ai-powered “Ce Certified”
Cervical Cancer Digital Screening System

Inspired by the need for reliable and rapid screening,
we designed CytoProcessor® with the expertise of leading pathologists and cytotechnologists.

With Cytoprocessor® And Its Artificial Intelligence, We Bring The Laboratory Workflow To A New World Of Digital Pathology

CytoProcessor® is a full web application for pathologists and cytotechnologists that makes reading virtual slides as easy as browsing your favorite internet site. You only need an internet browser to use it.

CytoProcessor® empowers users with virtual microscopy tools that emulate Cytotechnologists’ and Pathologists’ natural working environment.

You will wave good-bye to your microscope!

Evolution of cytology from microscope to digital


Slides can be digitized with a recommended scanner following our proprietary validated protocols. Digitization takes less than 3 minutes per slide. Today DATEXIM recommends 3DHISTECH Pannoramic 250 Flash III or Pannoramic 1000 scanners and we are in the process of enriching the list of compliant scanners. If you have a specific scanner that you would like to use please contact us.

Cancer Sreening Solution AI based detection of abnormal cells with pre-cancer lesion

CytoProcessor® analyzes your slides seamlessly in the background as your scanner uploads the slide images. CytoProcessor® identifies and locates abnormal cells present on the digitized slides. The fully automated system leaves you free to work on other tasks. Cells are shown in a table sorted from the most to the least diagnostically relevant. Each cell can be viewed in its context with the possibility of zooming in and out just like under the microscope.

The cytotechnologist’s felt tip marker is handily replaced by our proprietary ClueZone tool.

Stop writing on your glass slides and use our ClueZone tool to store areas of interest for further reading.
Click to store, click to open.
Simple and efficient! A tool to optimize your workflow and your work with cytotechnologists.

Read your digital slides remotely and easily collaborate with your staff, peers and partners.

We believe that collaborative work is essential.
Consult experts and validate your final diagnosis with your peers. CytoProcessor® is built for that.
Our solution offers all the tools you need to remotely discuss difficult cases and perform a collaborative real-time diagnosis.

Cytoprocessor® seamlessly integrates into your workflow thanks to its communication with your Laboratory Information System (LIS)

Our solution is fully integrated by our team within your laboratory information system (LIS) to streamline your process. The microscope is replaced by a comfortable wide screen and AI-assistance. With a click in the patient file, CytoProcessor® opens the slide and you can make your diagnosis.

Digital Cytology step by step

Decide where our web solution will be installed.

You can choose to store and process the images in your own laboratory network, or upload them on servers in the Cloud. CytoProcessor® ensures the security of the connection and the confidentiality of all medical data.

View this video to know more about how Cytoprocessor® works.


Drastically reduce the risk to miss positive cases

We care about
women’s health

We make sure we provide the best analysis to assist your diagnosis¹². CytoProcessor’s accuracy is clinically proven and its sensitivity is the best on the market¹².

A gynecologist and her patient are smiling
Image mettant en avant les cellules analysées par CytoProcessor

Work from anywhere with any device


You can remotely diagnose your slides and eliminate the burden of repetitive tasks on your microscope (neck and shoulder pain).

Save time for what is important


Workflow studies using CytoProcessor® demonstrated our process is 1.5x¹ ² faster than the current market leader. With CytoProcessor®, a single cytotechnologist is able to diagnose approximately 40 cases per hour¹ ².

Two women in arms are smiling
¹ ² Sources

¹Publication in Diagnostic Cytopathology (05-19)

²60% reduction of missed cases compared to the leading product on the market. Based on 1352 cases clinical study published in Acta Cytologica


Cytology picture : abnormal slide, cell with pre-cancer lesion


After 2 weeks of learning on CytoProcessor® I did for 2 months a double reading CytoProcessor®/Microscope and since then I use it in my current practice. Adaptation time was necessary, and I did a higher number of ASCUS at the beginning. This number quite quickly decreased when I was able to correlate my diagnoses and the HPV genotyping results, especially as it is much easier to see a slide on the screen rather than going to look for it in the drawers of archiving. I also noticed a saving of time. I spend 3 to 4 times less time on the non-pathological slides which allows me to spend more time on the pathological cases or frees me time for other tasks. In addition, CytoProcessor® is very comfortable for the detection of spores, mycelial filaments or trichomonas. I am very satisfied with the sensitivity and ergonomics of CytoProcessor® which highlights minimal lesions and which brings me speed, comfort and security.



I’m reading slides 6 to 8 times faster
I’m having fun when reading cytology slides !
I have the feeling that I don’t miss cases anymore…

Screening solution pre-cancer cells detection CE Marked



We are very happy with CytoProcessor® as recently we have received a case that was diagnosed as “negative” and in reality it is high grade squamous intraepithelial lesion (HSIL) – perfectly picked up by CytoProcessor®… We checked the slide under the microscope and it is confirmed HSIL – a great victory for CytoProcessor® ! If the patient stays alive it is thanks to CytoProcessor®

Accolab Pathologie Grand Ouest

Technical Pathology Manager

For more than a year, CytoProcessor® has been used almost exclusively in our center for the cytological analysis of cervico-uterine samples.
Its pre reading function, thanks to the detection of cyto-nuclear morphological anomalies, makes it possible to achieve a much faster and more reliable result.
In the management of multisite work, the reading of validation of cases by on-site or remote cytotechnologists, as the re-reading control of pathological cases, are greatly facilitated by the CytoProcessor®. We no longer need to send physical slides apart, except for a small number of difficult cases where microscopic reading is requested.
Ultimately, the CytoProcessor® is an help-diagnostic tool allowing to have a working comfort, a saving of time, a reliability of the results and a great flexibility of organization of reading and multisite re-reading.